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Keno is most similar to the lotteries played today. There are balls in sealed drum that are randomly drawn and the numbers are compared to the numbers selected by the player. Payouts are made depending on how many numbers the player chose and how many of the player's numbers match the drawn numbers. Like Craps, Keno has some unique jargon.

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Because of its popularity and easy-to-play premise, Money Wheel is probably the first game you'll see when walking into most casinos. It usually has a crowd pressing in from all sides, gasping and cheering as the wheel comes to a full stop. Part of the thrill is watching with anticipation as the wheel slows down and each outcome passes by more slowly than the last. Will it stop on this one? Or keep on to the next? Place your bets and join the fun!

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    Play and win Keno

    Keno is a game, which has its roots in China. It is believed that the game started in 1400’s and was brought to USA in 1800’s by Chinese settlers who came to US to work in the mines. The game is very popular these days and is a good pastime. If you win Keno, the payouts are very high and the bet amount is very low.

    The game is very popular worldwide. You need luck to win Keno. In casinos there is huge hall where keno is played. There are videos inside the hall, which display the winning numbers. First you select 4-10 numbers between 1-80. You need to mark your numbers and hand the ticket to the Keno desk with the bet amount and the clerk would provide a duplicate ticket. Eighty numbered balls are rolled in a barrel and then 10 numbers are picked out, the results are shown on the screen. If your numbers match then you win Keno and you get money.

    The bet amount can be 5 cents to $5 or more. You could win $2000 for a bet of $1. This is the reason behind the popularity of Keno. You can play keno at various websites; you just need to download the software and start playing the game. You can also learn the game first with the software and then go on to play with bets and win Keno. The game is still very popular in China and of course the USA.